Here at Redgum, your journey through pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period, will be supported by a highly skilled team who understand that your pregnancy experience is just that, uniquely yours. 

To best support you we provide shared care during pregnancy – meaning we combine appointments across all Redgum Medical locations with selected visits to the hospital clinic, especially early on in the pregnancy. Being able to see your own GP for a large part of your pregnancy is convenient, comforting and highly effective when it comes to managing your care.


Antenatal Clinics

With Redgum, you have access to an Antenatal Clinic to improve the wellbeing of both you and your child during pregnancy. Regular antenatal care in the first trimester is associated with better maternal health in pregnancy, fewer interventions in late pregnancy and positive child health outcomes.

Dr Sally Smith and Dr Antoinette Del Popolo hold an Antenatal Clinic each Wednesday. This clinic is available if you are planning to deliver at either Wodonga Hospital or Wangaratta Hospital. Appointments  include valuable education around pregnancy and preparation for your birth.

If you need to see a Specialist for your pregnancy care, you may be able to have some of your visits at the Antenatal Clinic as ‘shared care’. This will save you on travel and allow you to access all the education and preparation needed for your labour.

We also welcome patients from other Medical centres to attend our this clinic, and will keep your usual Doctor informed of your progress, handing back your care to them once pregnancy is complete.


We support others, to support you.

Redgum Medical encourages partners and other family members to participate in the pregnancy and birth process by attending appointments or clinics to help support you, and feel prepared themselves.


Dr Antoinette Del Popo
Qualified GP Obstetrician
Dr Sally Smith
Leads Antenatal Clinics
Qualified GP Obstetrician
Dr. Michael Love
Qualified GP Obstetrician